about2kristen  ∴  student. nature lover. dreamer. easy smiler. knowledge seeker. community organizer. vegan.
food philosophy  ∴   we ought to eat in a way that is mindful of our planet and our bodies. adopting a plant-based diet is the simplest way to reduce one’s carbon footprint and water consumption. we make an ethical decision each day with our purchases and have the ability to shop more consciously. my relationship with food is a journey of new understanding and constant steps towards a more compassionate diet.


brook  ∴  full time creator & student. part time waitress & mermaid. sun worshiper. saltwater enthusiast. wine sipper. no worries advocate.
food philosophy  ∴  being apart of a very traditional Italian family, i have always associated food with a sense of community. but this also meant heavy amounts of meat and dairy and very large portions, which obviously was taking a toll on my well being. my journey with food has been coming to the realization that the things we consume shouldn’t only be for pleasure but for more importantly, nourishment. our bodies are our temples and with following a low calorie but high nutrient diet,  we can live longer and healthier lives!


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